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Park Days

When Time Purpose Location Description
Every Tuesday 6:30 PM Fighter Practice Oaks Park, College Station, TX 77840, USA
Every Thursday 6:30 PM Fighter Practice Oaks Park, College Station, TX 77840, USA
Every Sunday 1:00 PM Regular Park Day Central Park, College Station, TX 77840, USA Regular Park Day


Mordengaard was founded in the Fall of 1989 by Vaargard Morales making it one of the oldest continuously active provinces of Amtgard. Vaargard is also known for later starting Granite Spyre 5 years later in Houston, as well as designing the provincial heraldry for Mordengaard, Granite Spyre, Mushroom Shrine, and the Kingdom of the Wetlands. The province was originally founded as a freehold which gained membership under the Celestial Kingdom in short order, and very quickly grew to Duchy status under its early leadership and flourished. Mordengaard is more than a founding province of the Wetlands, it is also the Wetlands Kingdom Seat as Morgan Ironwolf was a member of Mordengaard when he became the first Kingdom Monarch of the Wetlands Mordengaard, 9 active players with fluctuating weekly attendance due to the amount of interkingdom travel. As Sir Morgan was the first Wetlands Monarch and was out of Mordengaard at that time Mordengaard is considered the Kingdom Seat of the Wetlands. It is the 3rd oldest continuously active park in the game. RP features include "The Black Tower of Mordengaard" which is where the nobility resides. It is surrounded by the peasant village which acts as a buffer for the small RP swamp to the immediate north where the "Werewolf of Mordengaard" hunts from. Currently in provincial reign 53 under Thomas Jason Heath.