Getting Started

If you met us on the field and are interested in playing at a park in the Wetlands, or this is your first time out, there are a few things you will need to be prepared in the future, including:
  • Waiver
  • Persona
  • Appropriate clothing and garb
  • Weapons and equipment
  • Your local park


In order to play, you must typically be 14 years of age (with parental consent) or older, and you must sign an indemnification waiver. The waiver can be downloaded and printed here.


You will need a persona and persona history which is compatible with swords and sorcery-type role play predating 1650 AD. Any culture is appropriate. Alternate races are an option for personas, as well as more or less noble backgrounds, but please note that alternate races have limited in-game support, and titles of nobility are formally rewarded and monitored by the game.

Please choose a persona name which is appropriate to pre-1650 swords and sorcery theme.

Appropriate clothing and garb

Amtgard can be a physically challenging LARP. You are encouraged to wear garb appropriate to the fantasy LARP setting, however, appropriate footwear is encouraged.

Weapons and equipment

Your local park may maintain a small store of "loaner" weapons that you can use. However, please do not use these weapons for extended periods of time (several weeks) -- they are for new players! Parks also typically do not keep more advanced equipment, such as swords, polearms, or missile weapons available. Please return loaner weapons at the end of each park day. Most parks will expect you to buy or make your own weapons within a few weeks of play.

We encourage everyone to build or purchase appropriate weapons as soon as possible. Please visit your park before buying weapons, as not all LARP weapons are Amtgard-legal. There are several resources available for purchasing or constructing weapons, which your local park can help you with.

Amtgard is a full contact game. It is not lightest-touch. Although there is no real minimum force, players can and do swing quickly, repeatedly, and aggressively. All players are encouraged to wear protective gloves (MMA, motorcyle, or field hockey gloves, or gauntlets), and protective eye-wear (zennioptical provides cheap prescription sports goggles).

Fancy equipment (and particularly armor) is encouraged! However, if your armor has sharp protrusions (including elbow and knee cops with wings, or pauldrons with wings), you may not be allowed to field with this equipment. Wings on steel armor can be problematic, because they are capable of quickly destroying weapons.

Your local park

You can find your local park here: Kingdom of the Wetlands Map