Pictures from the Santa vs. the Elves Class Battlegame held on Dec. 26, 1999.
There were 10-15 wrapped presents at the top of the hill being defended by Santa and his friends. Santa had a red and a white (siege) weapon, 5 points of stoneskin, unlimited teleport ("Ho, ho, ho" x10), and unlimited lives. All other players had their normal number of lives per individual class played. The goal of the game was to capture the most presents by the end of the game. Only one present could be in transit, per team, at any given time. Santa cannot move presents. The game started out as a rout of the evil attackers. Towards the end, Evil's plans outlasted Good's ability to defend, and Evil took the most presents.

Pictures by Hyena and Jacob


I just wanted to give a shout-out to all those folks who helped make this 
Sunday such a blast! The Castle Battle led directly into a Zombie Battle 
which led right out to the Ditch Field and into the Underwear Gnomes 
battlegame. A slight pause for breath and drinks took us up Bald Hill to 
fight the Santa Vs. Evil Elves battlegame. For the first time in 
half-a-year, I didn't sit out, didn't leave pissed off, and had a great time 
from jump street.

It's good to know Stormwall is in such capable hands.

Great job, all! Keep up the good work, and the populace will keep returning. 
  What is that now... two weekends in a row with an excess of 50 people.  
*DUCHY* my butt! Stormwall is as Grand as it EVER was!

Luke Stargazer
Founder and Unofficial Wall-Watcher
Who Secretly Waits for the Time When Stormwall is a Principality Again!